Laser Falcon - Laser Methane Sensor and Matrice 600 Installation Kit with SkyHub

  • $25,999.00

Laser Falcon is a very lightweight laser-type methane gas detector. The dramatically reduced weight of the product allows variety of new applications of the device including airborne methane monitoring and robotic instrumentation. This device can detect methane that exists about 100 meters away instantly. Measurement data is sent through a communication port and is backed up in a micro SD card. Power supply through the external power connector enables continuous operation of the device.

Laser Falcon is a compact and lightweight instrument that is easily integrated with most types of UAVs.  Using the same measurement principle as the popular Laser Methane mini (LMm), the Laser Falcon remotely  detects gas leaks utilizing laser technology. Much lighter than the LMm, this unit can be used in a variety of applications – including airborne methane monitoring and robotic instrumentation. This simple-to-use unit does a self-calibration check during the start-up process and needs no periodic maintenance. Measurement data is saved on a Micro SD card (included). It’s the perfect solution to difficult to survey areas; the Laser Falcon and your UAV save inspection time compared to a traditional walking gas leak survey.

Lead Time min 14 days

Item Specifications

Gas to be measured

Methane (CH4) and methane-containing gases such as natural gas

Measurable Level 1 ~ 50,000 ppm-m
Measuring Accuracy ±10 % 1)
Measuring Speed 0.1 seconds
Measurable Distance 0.5 ~ 100 m 2)
Power Supply External power (5V-18V)
Lase Safety Class Guide light (Red laser light) : Class 2 
Measurement light (infrared laser light) : Class 1
Operation temperature -17 ~ 50 ℃
Dimensions, Mass 100(W) ×81(D) × 80(H) mm, 230g or less
Standard accessory User manual, Carrying case, Micro-SD card (16GB) 
Power cable (1.5m, USB Type-A - Micro USB Type-B) 
PC cable (1.5m、 USB Type-A - Mini USB Type-B)

1)Accuracy measurement was performed at a target distance of 2m with a card-board reflector. Standard gas cells with 100ppm-m and 1,000ppm-m column densities were used.

2)Lowest detectable column density increases as detecting distance increases.


  Guide of lowest measureable column density at various detecting distances
・ 30m : 500ppm-m (ex :Methane of 5,000ppm with plume size of 10cm.) 
・ 60m :1,500ppm-m (ex :Methane of 1.5% with plume size of 10cm.)
・100m :2,000ppm-m (ex :Methane of 2% with plume size of 10cm.)


  • Laser Falcon
  • Processing Software
  • UgCS Pro Perpetual License
  • UgCS SkyHub on-board computer hardware with mounting for M600
  • UgCS Skyhub Methane Detection License for 1 Skyhub
  • Integration Kit for Laser Falcon Methane Sensor for M600
  • UgCS Methane Training

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