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Product Details

DJI GS Pro Enterprise is an iPad app designed to control or plan automatic flights for DJI aircraft. Through its clear, concise interface, complex flight missions can be planned with a few taps. GS Pro will then automatically take pictures at pre-set waypoints, providing the accuracy required for precision mapping. A Virtual Fence feature increases safety and ease of use by locking the aircraft’s height and speed within a designated area.

With these features, GS Pro dramatically increases the efficiency of various industrial applications, including but not limited to:

  • Aerial Imaging
  • Architecture
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Search & Rescue
  • Safety Control

The new DJI GS Pro Enterprise has new features allowing you to conduct automated flight missions, manage flight data on the cloud, and collaborate across projects to efficiently run your drone programme.

Key New Features:

  • Flight Data Management

Back up flight data securely on the cloud, giving missions higher reliability and accuracy. Reference historical information on flight missions, aircraft, members and flight logs so workflow can be optimised.

Flight mission data is visible to all members of a project team, making data sharing easier. Members can view edits made by other team members or duplicate flight parameter settings for new missions.

  • Fleet and Pilot Management

Manage pilots and drones through the creation of teams, making missions more coordinated. Designate roles with different permissions to improve communication. Track the status of aircraft to make proactive purchasing and maintenance decisions.

  • Project Management

Improve the efficiency of your drone operations by tracking individual projects and streamlining the project management process. Access to project status can be granted on a per-project basis so that critical data is only available to the relevant members.

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