DJI - M100 and MicaSense RedEdge-M Sensor Bundle

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DJI M100 and MicaSense RedEdge-M

The Power Combination

The DJI M100 is the ultimate mapping machine and the MicaSense RedEdge is designed to capture data. Together, the DJI M100 MicaSense RedEdge combo is perfect for imagery analytics.

The Drone - DJI M100

50% less vibration

The Matrice 100 is lightweight but has extremely strong carbon fiber. The new addition is the shock absorbing metal poles in each of the drones arms. Each strand of metal is designed to absorb and reduce most if not all unwanted feedback. This gives your videos and pictures accuracy that surpasses other products.

Dual Battery Compartments

Twice the onboard battery means twice the flight time! The Matrice 100 has two ports for batteries on the body of the drone. This increases your flight time to just around 40 minutes, but this also means if one battery goes bad, the other will be good long enough for a safe landing.

Flight Performance

The Matrice 100 can fly up to 50mph (22m/s) and the controller is sensitive, making delicate maneuvers safe and easy.?With the use of Lightbridge technology, the Matrice 100 has a transmission distance of 3.1 miles (5km). The Lightbridge technology also gives the M 100 the ability to send the FPV view to the pilot and camera operator. You can also count on the Matrice 100 for a reliable and safe flight. ?The flight control system ensures accurate flight data and can minimize the risk of collisions.

The Sensor - MicaSense RedEdge-M

Powerful Sensor For Accurate Data

RedEdge-M is a multispectral camera designed to create accurate agriculture data. The multispectral camera is capable of capturing five spectral bands at the same time. It also has narrowband optical filters to provide full resolution to each band and a light sensor. The light sensor called Downwelling Light Sensor (DLS), can measure lighting conditions.  DLS allows for accurate data, even in different lighting. The multispectral camera also has Global Shutter which prevents image distortion. These awesome features you will give you detailed information maps packed full of data.

Flexible Interfaces

The RedEdge-M sensor uses a web-based interface that you can reach from any device over WiFi. There is also an option for Ethernet or serial connectivity with the drone or aircraft for a full configuration, status, and control of the camera.

Atlas Imagery Analytics

ATLAS is a cloud-based data processing, analytics, and management platform that converts raw data from the RedEdge-M into crop health maps. Because the RedEdge-M creates standards-compliant data, you can be sure that your data is compatible. The use of standards compliant data also means that you can use many other orthomosaic-creation and mapping tools.

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