DJI - Goggles

  • $349.00

If you don’t believe you can fly, try this: Connect DJI Goggles to your drone.

You will believe. DJI Goggles are that good. If your drone had a cockpit, this is what the world would look like with you aboard. And it becomes a cockpit for two — you and a lucky passenger — if you use two DJI Goggles simultaneously, which you can do.

When you slip these comfortable goggles around your head and power up your drone, you’ll be completely immersed in the flying experience. See a city, a valley or majestic mountains stretched out before you.

A twin display employs a higher definition than on most other goggles made for drone pilots. The goggles work with your remote controller, and they have fingertip controls built into a trackpad and buttons. If you wish, DJI Goggles even allow you to control your Mavic Pro — either the drone or just the gimbal and camera — using head movements only.

The full flight control screen appears right in front of you: readouts, settings, menus, everything your drone sees in virtually real time. Or fly with your remote controller and put the goggles on a friend for a stunning, unforgettable experience. You will have one awed and grateful friend.

The goggles are compatible with Phantom 3 Advanced, the entire Phantom 4 series, Mavic Pro, and Inspire 1 and 2. They even have some uses outside of drone flying.

Among the technical highlights of DJI Goggles:

  • Up to 1080p resolution (close-up); 720p resolution (long-distance)
  • Latency as low as 110ms
  • Reliable 360 degrees of signal coverage
  • Fingertip access to Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Card slot for downloading images recorded by your drone
  • Two hi-def screens inside the goggles
  • High-quality optics that prevent latticing
  • Shape that blocks all incoming light on almost all users for a better view of the screens
  • More than twice the pixels of typical 2K goggle screens
  • Maximum operation time of 6 hours
  • Head Tracking that allows control of the aircraft, or control of the gimbal and camera only
  • Weight of 2.4 pounds, making the goggles comfortable for long periods, even if you wear glasses
  • Compatibility with video feeds or video games from other devices (visuals only)
  • DJI Goggles Work with Many Drones


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