CDC - Charger for DJI M200 Series and Inspire 2 Series PCRS Elite 8

  • $1,350.00

FLY 24 Hours A Day

Introducing our New Inspire 2/Matrice 200/210 PRCS Elite 8:

This new charging system is designed to charge your batteries so you can fly 24 hours a day if needed.


How it works:

The user will put 4 batteries – TB55’s - (it will charge both the TB50 and TB55 batteries) into bank 1 and 4 more TB55 batteries into bank two.

The 4 TB55 batteries in bank 1 will start charging simultaneously.

When anyone of the batteries in bank 1 finishes charging its “companion” battery – the battery directly across in bank 2 will start its charging process.

This charging process continues until the Elite 8 detects that there are no more batteries that require charging.

With our new Elite 8 charging system - you can start your day with 12 fully charged batteries - TB 55’s and under normal flying and normal cooling conductions you can now fly 24 hours a day.


Battery compatibility and charge times

  Battery Type
  90% Charge Time
  98%+ Charge Time
  8 x DJI Inspire 2 TB50
  30 minutes
  40-45 minutes
  8 x DJI Matrice 200/210 TB55
  65 minutes
  75-80 minutes

Note: both battery types can be charged at the same time

Under the hood
• Proprietary charging algorithms
• Built-in power supply
• 100% duty cycle
• Multi-fan cooling
• Current/voltage/temperature management

IP65 Rated Protective Hard Case
• Watertight
• Dust proof
• Impact resistant
• Adjustable pressure release valve for easy opening

All CDC chargers come with an industry-leading 2 year warranty. We stand by our products!

Made in the U.S.A.

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