Chasing - Dory Underwater Drone ROV

  • $499.00

Goes underwater. Goes easily anywhere with CHASING DORY

Meet the world's smallest and most affordable 5-thruster palm-sized intelligent underwater drone that deep-dives up to 49 feet. CHASING DORY makes it easy to go to everywhere to explore reefs, lakes and rivers, inspect hulls and piers, or investigate fish habitat. Capture stunning 1080 FHD video and 2 MP images while viewing 720P live video on up to 2 mobile devices at once. Depth-Lock and ±45° adjustable Tilt-Lock modes help you navigate freely to capture the perfect shots from any angle. With Intelligent control algorithms and game-control maneuverability, CHASING DORY moves fluidly in all directions at speeds up to 3 knots! Duo device co-play puts one person in control of the drone and one on the camera and video for maximum fun.

· Portable Palm-Sized drone (2.42lbs)
· Accurately maintain fixed depth with one-touch Depth-Lock mode
· Scan the ocean floor, your surroundings, or the surface with easy-adjustable pitch (±45° Tilt-Lock mode)
· Enjoy stable, fluid navigation with 5-thruster design and intelligent control algorithms (6 directions in Tilt-Lock mode) · Capture vivid underwater video and photos with fully-integrated 1080 FHD camera (2 MP photos)
· Use the mobile app (iOS or Android) to view real-time 720P video on up to 2 wireless devices
· Duo device co-play puts one person in control of the drone and one on the camera and video for maximum fun.
· Control via phone app over Wi-Fi to Buoy (49ft Max Range)
· Share your discoveries with live-streaming via social media
· Illuminate your underwater shots with two250 lumen LED headlights
· Quickly locate underwater items or track activity with speeds up to 3 knots (1.5m/s)
· Explore at your pace with a long battery life (Maximum 1 hour!)


  • Drone
  • Buoy
  • 49-foot tether
  • International power adapters
  • 1.8A power cord
  • Cleaning tool

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 BNC Financial
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