DJI - Matrice 300 - Dual Gimbal Connector Part 10

  • $250.00

 MATRICE 300 SERIES PART 10 Dual Gimbal Connector

The DJI Matrice 300 Dual Downward Gimbal Connector is a payload mount that allows for two camera/sensor payloads to be mounted on the underside of the DJI Matrice 300 RTK. The design of the Dual Downward Connector gives it an IP45 rating, but keep in mind that it must be equipped with a waterproof payload.

Compatible payloads consist of the Zenmuse H20, H20T, XT2, Z30 and other third party official DJI PSDK payloads. Note that the XT2 can only be mounted on the first gimbal port.

Installing the Matrice 300 Dual Downward Gimbal Connector

  1. Remove the Single Downward Connector by disconnecting the gimbal cable from the aircraft and removing the four mounting screws.
  2. Install the Dual Downward Connector and insert the eight mounting screws. Connect the two gimbal cables for each gimbal port to their respective connectors on the bottom of the aircraft.
  • 1x DJI  Dual Downward Gimbal Connector

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