DJI - Wingsland Z15 Gimbal Spotlight for Matrice 200 series


A drone spotlight based on the DJI PAYLOAD SDK. It integrates a three-axis stabilized gimbal and can be directly mounted to the DJI payload interface. It supports the simultaneous movement of a PSDK payload and a DJI gimbal camera when they are used together. It can widely used in night lighting and indications such as fire, military and emergency rescue departments;

  • 3- axis stabilized gimbal spotlight with intelligent protection against overheating 
  • up t to 150 meters of operating range 
  • Compatible with M200 Series V1and V2 
  • 15° field of view
  • Fits DJI Matrice 200 and 200 v2 series drones
  • Dual downward gimbal support alongside Zenmuse payloads
  • Air-cooling system with intelligent temperature protection over 194°F
  • 48V maximum power
  • 6112' maximum illumination area at 394' altitude
  • 492' maximum range
  • Multiple modes: Always On, Flashing, SOS



Which platform does Z15 support?
A: Support M200 V1 series and M200 V2 series; Matrice 300 Series

How to install Z15 to the drone?
A: Z15 is designed based on the DJI SKYPORT and can be directly installed to the M200 drone, the same steps as installing DJI Zenmuse camera;

How to install Z15 to the M210 dual downward gimbal slot?
A: If Z15 is used with ZENMUSE X5S/X7/XT2, please install Z15 to II position gimbal slot; B: If the Z15 is used alone, please install the Z15 to I position gimbal slot;

Does Z15 support the M210 V1 dual Downward Gimbals?
A: The M210 V1 dual Downward Gimbals function needs to update the drone firmware to the latest;

Does Z15 support DJI PILOT?
A: Yes, DJI PILOT officially supports natively, no need to install third-party application APP;

What are the characteristics of Z15 compared to the M2E spotlight? A:

Z15 has a 3-axis gimbal for flexible adjustment of the lighting angle;
Using 4 high-power Cree lamp beads, power up to 68W, luminous flux up to 10200lm; Supporting dual Downward Gimbals with DJI Zenmuse camera;

What is the actual lighting effect of Z15?
A: Under the overhead light of 120 meters, the ground staff can read the newspaper;

What is the area illuminated by Z15 at different flight altitudes?
A:At an altitude of 120 meters, the area illuminated by the ground is 1863
, which is equivalent to the area of 5 standard basketball courts;
At an altitude of 50 meters, the area illuminated by the ground is 323
, which is equivalent to a standard basketball court area;

Is Z15 spotlight harmful to the human eye? A: Please don't illuminate the human eye;

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