Drone Deploy

  • $1,188.00


DroneDeploy’s mission is simple: make drone data accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our platform provides you with immediate access to aerial site intelligence in a way that is safer, faster, and less costly than any other method of assessment. DroneDeploy offers a complete end-to-end system of record to increase workflow efficiencies as you scale your drone program. Pick the right plan for your needs; spend less time back and forth comparing features and more time flying drones.

Pro Plan
For Individuals

Ideal For Individual drone flight and mapping
User Access Pro Plan helps individuals complete basic flight and mapping through the mobile app (iOS or Android)
Support Email 
Annual Price $1,188 per year


  • Live Map HD: Real-Time Mapping
  • Up to 1,000 images/map
  • Email Support
  • Unlimited flight
  • JPG, Geotiff, OBJ
  • Volume Measurement
  • 70+ Apps in the Marketplace
Business Plan
For Individuals
Ideal For Individuals that require more advanced flight and processing capabilities
User Access Business Plan helps individuals plan complex flights and with advanced processing
Support  Email and Chat 
Annual Price  $3,588 per year


  • All Pro features, plus:
  • 3,000 images/map
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Panoramas & Videos
  • Stockpile Reporting
  • Point Clouds and DTMs
  • LAS, XYZ, Shapefiles, DXF
  • Local Projection Systems
  • Ground Control Points
Enterprise Offerings
For Multi-Users
Ideal For Companies of any size that want to establish and scale their drone program
User Access Enterprise solutions help organizations manage multiple teams and projects with integrations, APIs, SSO, advanced reporting, and user management
Support  Email, Chat, and Phone
Annual Price  Contact Us For Information on our Enterprise Offerings


  • All Business features, plus:
  • Unlimited GCP Maps
  • Email, Chat, & Phone Support
  • User Roles & Permissions
  • API & SDK Access
  • Single Sign On
  • Activity Audit View
  • Thermal Processing
  • Automated Object Detection

We highly recommend that you have insurance when you are flying drones.  We have found that Skywatch.ai offers some of the best options for Drone Insurance.


If you are interested in Renting this product checkout our Rental website at www.BlueSkiesDroneRental.com

We work with 2 different companies for financing.  Each Organization has their own criteria for purchases.

 BNC Financial
Specializes in equipment funding from $500 and up. Follow this link to to the the financing application.

 First Pacific Funding
Financing options from $5000 and up. Follow this link to go to the financing application.

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