GPC - DJI - Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom W/Smart Controller Backpack - Limited Edition

  • $189.00

Exclusive Offer Direct from GPC.

Not available through Dealers DJI has stepped it up with the Smart Controller, therefore we created the GPC Limited Edition backpack for the DJI Mavic2 Pro or Zoom with the Smart Controller is ready for you to strap it on and go.

GPC's well-balanced backpack stores the DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom, Smart Controller w/ *GPC RC Pro/ Smart Controller Lanyard Bracket attached, 4 spare batteries, Mavic charging hub, Mavic charger, *GPC Micro SD Card Holder and *GPC LensPen MicroPro.

That’s not all, in the pouches you can store filters, spare props, tools and much more. This backpack will also accommodate an iPad and/or a 13” MacBook in the exterior pouch. Lastly, because this is a tactical pack you can add after market MOLLE pouches. This compact 19" x12" quality backpack easily stores everything you need for a day of shooting and provides great protection.

You'll love this super comfortable Mavic 2 Pro Smart Controller backpack. Foam comfortably rests at the zipper line for clean closure an important feature to keep your Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom well protected. Check out this super compact Mavic 2 backpack today and feel the comfort and enjoy the GPC quality.

*Accessories Not Included*

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