GPC - DJI Inspire 2 Landing Mode Case for Cendence, CrystalSky & More

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DJI Inspire 2 Landing Mode Case for Cendence, CrystalSky & More


The rapid release of the new accessory options for the DJI Inspire 2 has everyone excited, including our own Go Professional Cases designers! Our newest Inspire 2 case offers the most cavity options available in the smallest size case we could put it in while still meeting your needs for the Cendence, CrystalSky and your choice of the most popular cameras in Travel Mode.

Most of you shipping or traveling with the Inspire 2 know that this workhorse demands a lot of battery space, therefore we have packed it with 6 flights worth. Each job you have requires ultimate versatility and that’s why we created our newest Inspire 2 travel mode case with 40 custom cavities. You’ll never have to wonder if you left an accessory or piece behind, as one quick look at the case after a job and you will know immediately what is missing.

Several of these cavities are designed for you to upgrade as you upgrade your system ; the monitor cavities are slotted to secure either iPad Minis, iPad Airs, DJI 5.5” CrystalSkys or 7.875” CrystalSkys. Cameras are constantly changing so we can accommodate your X4, X5s or the new X7 and lenses for X5 or X7. Lastly, we have your controllers covered, (2) standard Inspire 2 controllers or (1) Cendence w/patch antenna and (1) standard Inspire 2. 

Note: GPC recommends removing the camera when shipping by common carrier or air travel luggage check and using the Travel Mode version of this case offers the proper packaging. If you are using your Inspire 2 for local use or require quick deploy option and want to keep your bird in landing mode, we recommend the Landing Mode version of this case.

  • Holds Inspire 2 in Landing Mode
  • Holds Zenmuse X4/X5S/X7 and 4 Lenses
  • Holds up to 12 Flight Batteries
  • Holds 2 CrystalSky Monitors or iPads
  • Holds Inspire 2 Remote Controller
  • Holds Second Controller, Cendence or I2
  • Holds 2 CrystalSky Batteries & 1 Charger
  • Holds 2 Charging Hubs & 2 Chargers
  • Holds 4 SSDs & CineSSD Station
  • Holds a Set of Spare Propellers

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