MicaSense RedEdge-M - USED

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Agricultural companies, service providers, researchers and academics need a reliable, accurate, high-precision sensor.


  1. Chlorophyll Map: The red edge spectral band is the star here, working in conjunction with the other bands to provide a more accurate measure of not just plant vigor but plant health.
  2. NDVI Layer: This commonly known index compares the reflectance of the red band with that of the near-infrared band. However, this index alone provides limited information. 
  3. Digital Surface Model: A DSM is an astonishingly advantageous tool in any agronomist’s arsenal, primarily because of its use in evaluating surface properties and water flow.
  4. RGB Image: RedEdge-M features global shutters for distortion-free images, including narrowband red, green, and blue bands for RGB color images that when processed are aligned to all visible and non-visible bands and vegetation indices.

The RedEdge-M by MicaSense: The sensor that doesn’t compromise.

The RedEdge-M is a rugged, built-to-last, professional multispectral sensor. Capturing not only the spectral bands required for basic crop health indexes, but also additional bands to power further analytics, this sensor is a multispectral powerhouse—and one of the most ?exible solutions on the market. It gives you optimized GSD (resolution), a downwelling light sensor, a low power requirement, a global shutter for distortion-free images, RGB color composite (through the use of Red, Green, Blue bands), GigE Ethernet connectivity for faster data transfer, removable Wi-Fi attachments, and the freedom of platform-agnostic data and integration. All in a compact size and low weight that allow it to be used with a wide variety of unmanned aircraft systems.

Integration Across all UAV Platforms

Key Benefits

  • Compact size and weight for integration with a wide variety of drones.
  • Fast capture rate enables faster ?ight speeds and lower ?ight altitudes.
  • Global shutter design for distortion-free results on every platform
  • Ability to create aligned vegetation indices and RGB outputs.
  • Rugged design with no moving parts.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous capture of fve discrete spectral bands, including RGB color.
  • Calibrated for precise, repeatable measurements.
  • Single SD card stores all images with geotags.
  • Standalone operation, with optional external trigger and data from host aircraft.
  • Option for Ethernet or serial connectivity with host aircraft for full configuration, status, and control of the camera.

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