SlantRange - Precision Navigation Module

  • $2,250.00

Precision Navigation Module 

Dual-antenna RTK GPS, LIDAR rangefinding, and precision INS for improved measurement accuracy in advanced applications.


Specification PNM
LIDAR Wavelength 905 nm (Class 1)
LIDAR Maximum Range 250 m*
LIDAR Resolution 1 cm
LIDAR Accuracy < 10 cm
LIDAR Divergence 8 mrad x 1 mrad
INS Roll/Pitch Accuracy (RMS) 0.1 deg
INS Dynamic Heading (RMS) 0.3 deg
GPS RTK enabled Dual L1**
Navigation Solution EKF with world magnetic and gravity models

* LIDAR range is dependent on target reflectivity
** With compatible RTK base station

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