Drone Manufacturing Companies to Watch

These are drone manufacturing companies to watch, not in any particular order.

  1. Arcksky - This company is founded by a couple of engineering students out the Minnesota.  They are using a Pixhawk based system and are integrating some long flight hydrogen hybrid models. Recently they are  Definitely a watch. American Made.
  2. Inspired Flight - A large format & heavy payload capable drone that is American Made.  Integrating a number of sensors and options.  Based in California.
  3. Watts Innovations - Watts Innovations LLC was founded in Winter Garden, Florida with the concept of helping customers bring their ideas to life through design and prototyping services. During this time, we assisted customers bring products to real life, prototyping everything from unmanned aircraft to measuring cups, children's play toys to golf tees. During this time, Owner Bobby Watts was 13 years deep in the unmanned aircraft/ radio control word, actively involved with piloting radio controlled helicopters and multirotors on feature films and various other projects. 
  4. Wave Aerospace - new to the industry and primarily focused in the federal area.
  5. FreeFly Systems - FreeFly is not new to the industry but they have been working on advancing drones and reaching more than just the cinematography & entertainment industry. Now LiDAR and other sensors can be flown effectively with their drones. Based in Washington State.
  6. SkyFish - American made drones from Montana.  These guys are really working on the software and automation side of drones and drone data processing. They can handle a variety of sensor s and payloads.
  7. Vision Aerial - With a unique tri-copter design and the ability to integrate high end sensors with their drones, this Made in the USA drone manufacturer is one to keep an eye on.