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GoPro cameras revolutionized our active lifestyles by letting us record every minute of the action from a first-person perspective. Drones take that action into the third dimension and show the perspective from the air. Whether you’re taking still photos of gorgeous mountain scenery or following a high-speed vehicle adventure with 4K video, portable models such as the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum let you take the drone adventure with you wherever you go.


Climb and scramble wherever you wish without the burden of a heavy drone, thanks to the next generation of compact, rugged camera drones. Previously, you’d need a dedicated backpack for the large drone and its controller, but never drones are foldable and designed to fit in the space you’d normally reserve for a small water bottle. Models like the DJI Mavic Air fold up to the siza of a large sunglasses case, so you’ll have plenty of room left over for normal hiking and backpacking equipment like tents, sleep bags, and food. 


With the high-quality cameras on modern adventure drones, you’ll be able to capture both still photos and videos from a brand new viewpoint. You’ll enjoy revisiting all your favorite spots and get the drone’s view of that fabulous canyon or epic waterfall. The ability to put yourself in the photo and really show off the landscape is a game-changer for group adventure photography.

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DJI - Spark Mini-Drone Bundle Pack - USED
  • $599.00
  • $399.00


DJI - Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo
  • $988.00