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No matter the industry, we've got you covered - precision agriculture, professional cinematography, building inspection, land survey, energy, utility & power, public service, fire/security and more.

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Custom Payloads
Drone Integrations
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VTOL Drones
Cover Large Areas Quickly
The DJI FPV drone will allow you to experience flying like no other experience.
FPV Drones
Experience the thrill!
ROV Solutions
Inspect and Explore under the sea

New arrivals

Qysea - Fifish Ultrasonic Metal Thickness Gauge
Qysea - Fifish V6 Expert - M100A
  • $3,999.00
Qysea - Fifish V6 Expert - M200A
  • $4,299.00
Chasing - Blueprint Oculus Sonar Kit
Chasing - Floodlight 2
Chasing - USBL Kit
Chasing - M2 Pro ROV 3d Multibeam Sonar M1200D
Chasing - CM600 25M
  • $1,299.00

Insure Your Drone and Flights

We highly recommend that you have insurance when you are flying drones.  We have found that Skywatch.ai offers some of the best options for Drone Insurance.

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Blue Skies Drone Products

Custom Products Built by our in house team members

Blue Skies XT30 Power Splitter
  • $20.00
Blue Skies - Lanyard Mount
  • $19.95

Temporarily Out of Stock

Blue Skies Payload Release Mechanism
  • $249.00
Blue Skies Matrice 600 Advanced Cable system for Basic Payload Release Kit Upgrade
  • $170.00
Blue Skies Drones - Metal Adapter mounting plate for Sensors
  • $49.00
Blue Skies Drones - Leg Extensions for Matrice 300 RTK
  • $199.00
Tether for Drop Kit
  • $19.99
Payload Safety Tether
  • $9.99

Professional drone and sensor rentals for any application


On-site & classroom training available with certified FAA drone operators

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Save with options on certified used drones


We offer certified repair service for any drone or trade it in and upgrade

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Best Sellers

MavMount 4.0 iPad Adapter for DJI drones - Works with all Mavic series
  • $59.99
White Glove Service Fee
  • $89.00
Qysea - V6 Series Parts - Thrust Protectors
  • $50.00
DJI - Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery Part 64
  • $185.00

Temporarily Out of Stock

DJI - Smart Remote Controller
  • $749.00
DJI - Mavic 2 Enterprise - Fly More Kit
  • $469.00


DroMight Talon Drop System - DJI Matrice 300 RTK
  • $1,199.00
  • $999.00
DJI Matrice 210 RTK Quadcopter - Buy NEW
DJI - Care Enterprise Basic

Matrice 600 Spreader System

Use the spreader to spread seed, pellets for moss control or even insects for agriculture.

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Most Popular

DJI - Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced - M2EA
  • $4,799.00
Qysea - Fifish V6S Underwater Robot with Powered Robotic Arm and Case
  • $3,758.00
DJI - Matrice 300 RTK (NA) Combo (SP)
  • $13,199.00


Chasing - M2 ROV - 200m tether
  • $2,899.00
  • $2,499.00
DJI - Matrice 30T with Shield Basic
  • $13,341.00
Qysea - Fifish V6 Underwater Robot Kit with Case
  • $2,148.00
DJI - D-RTK 2 Mobile Station
  • $3,600.00
Qysea - Fifish V6 Expert - M200
  • $3,599.00

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