Our team members are FAA Part 107 certified and have experience in Aviation & Aerospace, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Construction Management, Photography / Videography, and of course many models of drones / UAVs.  Below are some of our training options for those that are new to the industry and want to get started flying drones.

We also have some advanced training options for those with some experience who want to learn more about drone use or who are already working in the commercial drone sector.

Custom tailored training is also available for your organization, contact us if you have a specific need.

All training is located at our Washington location (Centralia) unless otherwise arranged.  

All prices are per head except as otherwise noted.

Drones Training

Basic Training (30-60 Minutes) - On Demand Classes

  • $85—Basic Operation - Firmware & error checking, app settings overview, take-off & land, operation (FREE IF YOU BUY OR RENT FROM US, same make and model)
  • $85—Photography / Videography - Framing & flying smoothly for various cinematic shots, photo / video app settings
  • $85—Automated Shots & Flying - TapflyFollowMe, Orbit & more 

Advanced Training (4hr+) - Scheduled and On Demand Classes

  • $299—Drone Photo / Video 101- One day class on the ins and outs of drone photography / videography (min class size 5)
  • $299Drone Photo / Video 201- One day class on advanced drone photography / videography (min class size 5)
  • $395—Part 107 Prep Course for Commercial Drone Use - One day class to help prepare you for taking your Part 107 test. (min class size 5)
  • $299—Mapping 101 (4hr) - Flying automated flight missions, app choices, requirements, customer deliverables, ground & flight training, post processing
  • $299—Multispectral Mapping & Post Processing (4 hr) - Flying automated flight missions with multispectral sensors, post processing focused on multispectral deliverables & analysis.  Can be tailored to Agriculture applications
  • $299—Thermal Imaging & Mapping (4 hr) - Flying thermal for inspections, mapping, search & rescue, tactical. 
  • $499—Matrice Series Platform Specific Training (M30, M200, M300, M600)
  • $2500—Fixed Wing Training - Trinity F90+
  • $2500—Lidar Mapping.  One day operational level course focusing on mounting, settings, setup, operation, and flying of M600pro drone with Lidar unit and GPS base station.  Ground and Flight instruction.  Processing instruction to get you generating LAS point cloud files. ***Can include up to 3 people from your team for the one price.
  • $Custom Training to fit your organizational needs