Thermal Analysis

Drone thermal analysis offers a powerful and versatile tool for various applications across industries, providing critical insights through the detection of temperature anomalies. With advancements in thermal imaging technology and drone capabilities, it continues to expand its role in improving efficiency, safety, and decision-making processes. By leveraging this technology, businesses and organizations can achieve more accurate, timely, and cost-effective solutions to their operational challenges.

Agricultural Monitoring

Agricultural monitoring with drones provides farmers with a powerful tool to enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. By leveraging advanced imaging and data analysis capabilities, drones help in precise crop management, timely intervention, and resource optimization, ultimately leading to better yields and reduced environmental impact. As drone technology continues to evolve, its role in agriculture is expected to grow, offering even more innovative solutions to farming challenges.

Construction Site Change Monitoring

Construction site change monitoring with drones provides a powerful tool for enhancing project management, efficiency, and safety. By leveraging high-resolution imagery, 3D modeling, and volumetric analysis, drones offer detailed insights into site progress and conditions. This technology enables proactive issue detection, better communication, and informed decision-making, ultimately contributing to the successful and timely completion of construction projects. As drone technology continues to advance, its role in construction site monitoring will become increasingly integral to modern project management practices.

Data Processing

Drone data processing transforms raw aerial data into valuable insights through a systematic process of acquisition, preprocessing, analysis, and visualization. By leveraging advanced software and techniques, industries can optimize their operations, enhance decision-making, and improve efficiency. Whether for agriculture, construction, environmental monitoring, or infrastructure inspection, drone data processing provides critical information that drives better outcomes.

Lidar Flights

LiDAR drone services offer a powerful tool for capturing precise, detailed 3D data of the earth's surface and structures. By leveraging advanced LiDAR sensors and drones, industries can achieve high accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in their mapping, surveying, and analysis tasks. As technology continues to evolve, the applications and benefits of LiDAR drone services are expected to expand, providing even more innovative solutions for various operational challenges.

Thermal Roof & Thermal Envelope Inspections

Thermal roof and thermal envelope inspections with drones offer a powerful and efficient way to assess the condition and performance of buildings. By leveraging advanced thermal imaging technology, these inspections provide critical insights into heat loss, moisture intrusion, and insulation deficiencies, enabling timely and cost-effective maintenance. As drone and thermal imaging technologies continue to advance, their application in building inspections is expected to become even more widespread, offering improved accuracy and efficiency in maintaining building health and energy performance.

Video Inspection Services

We offer remotely operated vehicle (ROV) water tank inspection service for situations that require inspection and monitoring of tanks while they remain in service. This service utilizes a sanitized underwater ROV with video camera and recording equipment to inspect all surfaces of the tank below the water level. The visual inspection process is applicable in several industry standards and is the perfect solution for evaluating coating integrity without removing the tank from service.  Our inspection video and associated reports help you determine the overall condition of the interior and exterior of your tank, which will assist you in identifying and budgeting for any necessary repairs.

  • Tank remains in service – no downtime
  • Cost effective for limited budgets
  • Minimizes tank preparation time and cost
  • Detailed documentation provided – Captures inspection videos and photos
  • Great for general interior inspections
  • No water loss

Save Time & Money with Underwater Inspection Services!

Our inspection video and associated reports help you determine the overall condition of the interior and exterior of your tank, which will assist you in identifying and budgeting for any necessary repairs.  Areas of corrosion, coating failure, or other discrepancies will be documented and noted on the survey video and reports.  With our services, you get:

  • Cost effective solution, no insurance premium payments for out-of-service inspections
  • Inspection can be scheduled to meet customer requirements
  • Inspection completed within one day
  • No extra equipment needed to carry out operations at height
  • External tank inspection can be carried out simultaneously
  • No confined space working
  • Eliminates potential risks of human injury or contamination
  • No service disruption

Is your storage tank due for inspections?  We recommend having your storage tank inspected every 3 – 5 years.  Whether you need a periodic inspection, review of a structural concern, or analysis of your tanks service life, we can fulfill your inspection requirements.


Our ROV underwater inspection services are ideal for the following applications:

Potable Water Tank Inspections

ROVs are the best choice in inspecting and documenting the overall condition of the interior tank coating as well as all critical components of potable storage tanks including the walls, floor, roof, inlets, outlets, and vents. In addition to providing a visual inspection of the interior condition of the tank, ROVs are also useful for detecting leaks, harmful corrosion, and sediment buildup within the storage tank. Wd recommend that potable water tanks be inspected every 3- 5 years to better forecast future tank cleaning and maintenance needs before larger problems arise. Our qualified inspectors are here to handle all of your ROV and underwater inspection needs. If you would like to learn more about our ROV inspection services or other potable tank services that we offer, please contact us at 844-474-8833

We offer some basic flat-rate services, but most of our advanced services are tailored to meet specific needs and require a custom quote.

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Counting Services

Counting items with drones is a modern, efficient, and accurate method that leverages advanced imaging and data processing technologies. It offers significant benefits in terms of efficiency, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, safety, and flexibility across various industries. As drone technology and computer vision algorithms continue to evolve, the capabilities and applications of drone-based counting solutions are expected to expand, providing even greater value and innovation in inventory and asset management.

Infrastructure Inspection

Drones offer a cutting-edge solution for infrastructure inspections, providing detailed, accurate, and efficient assessments of various structures. By leveraging advanced sensors and data processing technologies, drones enhance safety, reduce costs, and improve the overall effectiveness of inspection processes. As drone technology continues to evolve, their role in maintaining and monitoring critical infrastructure is expected to grow, offering even greater benefits to industries worldwide.

Environmental Monitoring

Drones offer a powerful and versatile tool for environmental monitoring, enabling detailed and efficient assessment of various ecosystems and environmental conditions. By leveraging advanced sensors and data processing technologies, drones provide high-quality, real-time data that enhances our understanding and management of the environment. As drone technology continues to evolve, their applications in environmental monitoring are expected to expand, offering even greater benefits for conservation, research, and sustainable development.