Blue Skies Drones Offers New Payload Release Drop Kit for DJI M210

The team at Blue Skies Drones has released a new custom integrated Payload Release Drop Kit that is compatible with the DJI M210 and M600 series drones. Now users can quickly and easily deploy a payload remotely from their UAV.

This new solution is perfect for search and rescue application allowing drone operators to release objects such as flotation devices, safety rope, or small hard cases with survival rations or radio communications.  

Other use cases:
  • Ferrying drinking water to forest fire firefighters
  • Cable stringing across rivers, canyons, gorges, between towers
  • Dropping communications radio, first aid kit, etc to people in distress on land or sea Search and Rescue
  • Dropping comm radio to police standoff situation

With its innovated design Blue Skies Payload release drop kit integrates into your existing M210 setup using the Blue Skies Control Box ST1 without having to use a separate remote.  


M210 flying payload


  • Heavy Duty 25 kg Servo with Strong and Smoothed Aluminum Load Pin
  • Solid Carbon Fiber Composite Body Construction
  • Quick Mounts work with M600pro standard rail and Ronin mount rail
  • Tested up to the full payload capacity of the M600pro / M600 drones (6kg / 13.2lb with TB47S or 5.5 kg / 12.1 lb with TB48S)
  • Drop Kit can be fitted to other heavy-lift drones with a higher payload capacity
  • Cross compatibility with the M210 drop kit.  Buy one drop kit and then buy the mount for the M600 and another mount for the M210 and use on both drones.
  • Optional switching using either the landing gear switch (deactivates landing gear so landing gear cannot be raised) or using the M600pro Remote Controller Channel Expansion kit with Blue Skies Drones' Professional M600pro Accessory Switching Power System(allows full use of landing gear so that it doesn't interfere with the payload) Also compatible with the Cendence Controller with additional electronics switcher from Blue Skies Drones.
  • Drop Kit can be used while simultaneously mounting cameras on the M600pro and the M210
  • No external battery or secondary remote control needed
  • Professionally designed and built system ready to fly
  • Designed, weight and balanced, and vibration dampened to carry the load at the center of gravity of the drone when properly mounted.  Avoids erratic drone pitching and rolling when the drone is moving and the payload is released. 

With endless possibilities, Drone operators everywhere can now easily and quickly deploy payloads without needing to develop their own systems. See the Payload Release Mechanism in action from the video below.



Blue Skies Payload Release Drop Kit for DJI M210 Series 
Blue Skies Payload Release Drop Kit for DJI M600 Series

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