Chasing - F1 Fish Finder Drone 20M

  • $599.00

Spot fish, survey bottom structure, and check water depth and temperature with the F1 Digital Full HD Fish Finder Drone with Remote Control from CHASING. Using your phone with the Fish Finder's app, you can control the drone's travel within 98' of your position (or let it auto-cruise using built-in GPS positioning), lower the 1080p HD camera to the desired depth, and observe the underwater action. If you're fishing at night, turn on the infrared light to see in the dark without spooking fish. It's easy to stream or share the feed to YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or your favorite social media platform. The camera could go down for 20m beneath the water surface.

Powered by a 4800mAh battery with six hours runtime per charge, the floating drone has four thrusters, allowing horizontal movement in all directions. An optional second battery can be swapped in to extend your fishing and observation time. GPS allows the drone to record fishing locations and cruise between them, as well as return to your position at the touch of a button. The drone will automatically return if it exceeds the remote control range. You have the option of attaching sonar units such as Deeper or Lucky brands, and the drone will even tow a separately sold Bait Boat that releases bait at a location of your choosing. The F1 comes with a 16GB microSD card for recording video and photos, expandable by the user to a 256GB card.


- Vector Layout Propulsion with 4 Thrusters

- Sony IMX307 Stellar Camera Sensor 

- Infrared Sensor

- GPS Positioning System

- Onboard WiFi

- 6 Hour Charge Lithium Battery

- Stream directly to Youtube, Facebook, and other video platforms

- Mount Accessory Option (Sold Separately)


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 BNC Financial
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 First Pacific Funding
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