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Drone Detection and Defence Systems

Bluvec Technologies is the pioneering developer of the Deep Signal Inspection (DSI) and Rapid Target Inspection (RTI) technology and a leading supplier of advanced systems for the precise detection and localization of drones and pilots.

As a high-tech security and defence company, Bluvec provides cutting-edge solutions designed for a variety of settings, including airports, correctional facilities, military, law enforcement, energy, and public and private sectors.

Bluvec's intuitive user interface requires minimal training and has a fast adoption rate for the user. The software is highly capable and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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Experience unparalleled drone detection capabilities with Bluvec.

Bluvec has built an extensive drone library, which includes 480+ drone models, including DJI, Autel, Parrot and DIY drones. With easy integration and cloud control, 360° passive detection, modular or standalone deployment, users can geolocate drones and pilots in real-time.

Stationary Solution

Stationary C-UAS: Bluvec's stationary C-UAS solutions are designed for flexible, scalable deployment. Any number of devices can be seamlessly integrated together. Users can station sensors around a perimeter to extend the detection range.

Portable Solution

Portable C-UAS: Designed to be your trusted companion in the ever-evolving world of drone monitoring, Bluvec's portable systems redefine the way you detect, track, and monitor drones.

Platform Solution

C-UAS Platform: Bluvec's advanced DSI GEN-2 technology gives users unprecedented insight into drone activity. The sensors provide real-time geolocation (latitude and longitude) of the drone and pilot, as well as the drone's model, make, serial number, radio frequency and altitude.

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