DJI - Hex Charger

  • $379.00

DJI Hex Charger

The DJI Hex Charger is designed for use with dedicated Intelligent Flight Batteries and Remote Controllers. It can charge up to six Intelligent Flight Batteries and two Remote Controllers at the same time.


  • Model: MC6S600
  • Compatible Batteries:
    • Inspire 1 Series Intelligent Flight Battery (TB47/TB48)
    • Matrice 100 Intelligent Flight Battery (TB47D/TB48D)
    • Matrice 600 Intelligent Flight Battery (TB47S/TB48S)
  • Compatible Remote Controller:
    • Inspire 1 Series Remote Controller
    • Matrice 100 Remote Controller
    • Matrice 600 Remote Controller
    • Lightbridge 2 Remote Controller
    • Phantom 4 Remote Controller
    • Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced/4K Remote Controller
  • Operating Temperature: 32? to 104? F (0? to 40? C)
  • DC Output: 26.1 V; 0 to 3.83 A (Battery Port); 0 to 2 A (Remote Controller Port)
  • Weight: 2140 g
The DJI Hex Charger requires the Inspire1 180W Power Adapter AC Cable for charging batteries which is included with purchase or rental from Blue Skies Drone Rental.

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