GPC - RC Pro Smart Controller Lanyard Bracket

  • $29.95

At GPC, we take the entire drone workflow into consideration and want to improve your experience every step of the way. We’re excited to share our brand new universal lanyard bracket for your either the DJI RC Pro or Smart Controller!

Standard lanyard attachments for UAV controllers are typically single point attachments and, regretfully, the Smart Controller is designed more like a DSLR camera with 2 attachment points. We know this is not conducive to comfort of use as you pivot your airborne RC Pro or Smart Controller compatible drones. GPC’s new lanyard bracket is designed with a single point attachment to be compact, clean, and easy to use to match the comfortable experience you are accustomed to! We also designed the bracket to accommodate the Hoodman Aviator HSC Sunshade.

Our lanyard bracket is the perfect accessory for secure, convenient flying with either the RC Pro or Smart Controller. It supports direct mounting to the bottom of your controller with the included screws, holes for the HDMI, USB-C port and Micro SD.

Includes Complimentary GPC Lanyard (When purchased directly from GPC website)

+FITS: DJI Smart Controller and DJI RC Pro

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