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This is the core product for drone geospatial data workflow. Maximize your LiDAR and imagery data with visualization, QA/QC, classification, 3D editing, and analysis capabilities. It includes the features below.

  • Intuitive workflow
  • Multi-flight import and processing
  • GIS interface allowing combination with other geospatial data
  • Powerful point cloud visualization with multiple and synchronized windows
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A full geospatial workflow for your LiDAR and Imagery data with visualization, QA / QC tools, Classification, 3D editing and analysis capabilities.
  • Intuitive workflow
  • Multi-flight import and processing
  • GIS interface allowing combination with other geospatial data
  • Powerful point cloud visualization with multiple and synchronized windows

Enjoy a more user-friendly experience!

The new LP360 Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes it easier and more streamlined to complete your data processing and generate high-quality deliverables in an intuitive GIS environment. We have introduced Ribbons, and most importantly the ability to create your own custom ribbon and toolbar to match your specific workflow.

It’s now easier to find the tools in the organized ribbon tabs:

  • Project tab: Everything you need at one place to manage your project
  • Sensor tab: Merges the toolbars TV workflow and Utilities to ease the user workflow from Cycle import to creating a pointcloud and orthomapping.
  • Map tab + Map toolbar: All map feature are now handy on top of the main map and use less features in the tab.
  • Cloud tab: Easily access LP360 Cloud
  • Support tab: Get help easily from the Geocode Customer Support team
  • Custom tab: Create your own custom ribbon and toolbar to match your specific workflow
  • Quick access toolbar: Add your favorite feature for a quick access

LPLAS File Format: Improve the viewing experience to see all the details that you need

Intelligently manage the level of detail displayed in your project. Smart technology ensures that you always have the best view of your geospatial subject possible, within LP360. Best of all, LPLAS is still backwards compatible and can be opened up in any application that opens LAS files.

When an LPLAS file is opened in LP360, you enjoy the added functionality of this optimized viewing. In addition, you can open your library of LAS files in LP360, convert them to LPLAS, and breathe new life into your old datasets with enhanced viewing!

IMPORTANT NOTE: An LPLAS file is a LAS file: Extension is *.LAS​ It is compatible with any software that will read an LAS file​. It follows the ASPRS standard for the most up to date specification for LAS file​.

More options to export your data

Requested by many users, we now offer export to LANDXML data file format, containing civil engineering and survey measurement data commonly used in the Land Development and Transportation Industries, so you can continue your work in a CAD environment.

Supported LiDAR Sensors

Seamless Data Processing Across Varied LiDAR Sources. LP360 is a powerful software suite designed to efficiently process data from any system including UAVs, airborne, and mobile platforms. Once the data is in standard LAS format or LAS + trajectory you can use an extensive geospatial toolbox to generate impressive deliverables. Supported Sensors include:

  • DJI
  • LidarUSA
  • Microdrones
  • Phoenix Lidar Systems
  • Quantum Systems
  • Riegl
  • RockRobotics
  • Trueview
  • Wingtra
  • Yellowscan

Intuitive sensor processing workflow
  • Import data and perform quality check
  • Process PPK, GNSS/INS trajectory data seamlessly for DJI users (except for L1: done in Terra)
  • For DJI L1 & L2 users: fix LAS format, allow splitting of LAS in strips, cleaning and prepare for strip align
  • Manage coordinate systems – datum and projection
  • Split LiDAR data in strips
  • Enhance strip matching with Strip Align and Adjustment (additional module required)
  • Integrated photogrammetry workflow (additional module required)
LiDAR and imagery 3D explorer tool
  • Synchronized three windows viewer (2D, 3D, profile) for advanced visualization
  • LiDAR quality control and repair tools
  • Extensive filtering capabilities by any combination of class, elevation range, intensity etc.
  • Advanced 3D feature edit tools
  • Image Explorer allows the selection of images containing any point selected on the point cloud for contal inspection
  • Desktop patrolling capabilities for systematic review of features in a 3D environment
Powerful product creation tools
  • Smoothing tools
  • Ground classification tools (automated)
  • Breakline digitalization tool and enforcement
  • Digital elevation model/digital terrain model tool
  • Volume calculation, automatic base (toe extraction)
  • Classify by GIS data layers and features (including 3D points, lines, and polygons)
  • Convert 2D vectors to 3D by automated surface elevation and extraction
License Features
  • Desktop application with floating license (one device)
  • Project size limited to 10km2

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While not always legally required, having insurance to fly a drone is highly recommended for several reasons:

Why You Should Consider Drone Insurance:

  1. Liability Coverage:

    • Protects you if your drone causes injury or property damage to others.

  2. Damage Protection:

    • Covers repairs or replacement costs if your drone is damaged in an accident.

  3. Theft Protection:

    • Provides coverage if your drone is stolen.

  4. Compliance:

    • Some commercial operations and clients may require proof of insurance before allowing you to fly.

  5. Peace of Mind:

    • Offers reassurance that you are financially protected against unforeseen incidents.

Types of Drone Insurance:

  1. Liability Insurance:

    • Covers legal fees and damages if your drone causes injury or property damage.

  2. Hull Insurance:

    • Covers physical damage to your drone.
    • Covers physical damage to you sensor (separately from the drone)

  3. Personal Injury Insurance:

    • Covers injuries to yourself or your team while operating the drone.

  4. Commercial Drone Insurance:

    • For businesses, covering multiple drones and operators, including comprehensive coverage options.

Where to Get Drone Insurance:

  • Specialized drone insurance providers
  • General insurance companies with drone policies
  • Aviation insurance companies

Legal Requirements:

  • Check local regulations as requirements can vary by country and region.
  • In the U.S., the FAA does not mandate drone insurance, but it’s advisable for all operators, especially for commercial use.

In summary, while insurance might not be legally required, it is a smart and responsible choice to protect yourself and others while flying a drone.

    Check with your insurance provider to see if they cover the drone rental and flights.  If they do not, we highly recommend that you have insurance when you are flying drones.  We have found that Skywatch.ai offers some of the best options for Drone Insurance.


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