Qysea - Fifish V6 Expert U-QPS 100M Radius

V6 Expert U-QPS 100M Radius - Underwater Quick Positioning System

Software and hardware eco-system providing the FIFISH's real-time ROV location, movement recordings three-dimensional diving path recordings and more.

  1. Assist the pilot with the real -time position, direction, depth, distance, altitude, trajectory, etc.
  2. Fixed -point automatic cruise;
  3. 100m radius rating

          Lead Time 6-8 Weeks

          Compatible with V6 Expert

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          We work with 2 different companies for financing.  Each Organization has their own criteria for purchases.

           BNC Financial
          Specializes in equipment funding from $500 and up. Follow this link to to the the financing application.

           First Pacific Funding
          Financing options from $5000 and up. Follow this link to go to the financing application.

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